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Our Produce

Hearn Vale Veggies grow fresh, delicious, vegetables with very few food miles involved.


Heritage Tomatoes

These are sold as a mix or if you wanted a specific colour this is also available.

Our tomatoes are grown for their taste as well as their colour.


These can be bought by the kilo or in smaller amounts, please contact us for prices and delivery or collection. 




We grow a large selection of Edible Flowers which can be bought by the box, please contact us for pricing and delivery or collection.

Basil Leaves


Hearn Vale Veggies Herbs include the old favourites as well as the unusual.


Basil, Mint Basil, Liquorice Basil, Lime Balm, Coriander, Vietnamese Coriander, Lemon Verbena, Sages, Lavender, Oregano Common, Oregano French Gold, Thyme Lemon, Thyme Compact Common, Chervil, Caraway, Dill, Celery Leaf, Salad Burnett, Rosemary.

Rare plants for your dishes, the Oysters plant. Where the leaf tastes just like an oyster.


Contact us with for prices and collection or delivery.

Herb Plants


a Super Food

Sarah first discovered these powerful mini veg during her time at Le Manoir.  They were a firm favourite of the Chef Raymond Blanc.  Working alongside Tina B, the exceptional resident gardener, Sarah learnt first hand how to produce these little beauties to Michelin star standards.

Pea Shoots .. are 7 times the vitamin C of Blueberries and 8 times the folic acid of Bean Sprouts.


Radish... have a high level of vitamin E,  Vitamin K, Vitamin C.


We offer the following options:


•    Mix of Microgreens by the gram which we have on offer that week.

•    Separately by varieties


Amaranth, Sunflower, Broccoli, Radish, Pea Shoots, Coriander, Mixed Colour Beetroot, Kale, Leek, Green Mizuna.


More will be added soon.


Special Vegetables

Cucamelons for your salads and in your gin and tonics


Hearn Vale Veggies provide locally grown, unusual, quality produce.


See our Gallery page for the amazing, bright produce that we grow.

Image by Stephanie Moody
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